Freezing 06 [Uncensored]

Enjoy. Witty comment and picture when I wake up. Would have been out sooner if I wasn’t feeling sick and we had someone to TL previews *cough*lookingatyouYuiggwhoshouldbedoingit*cough*. Shout out to Wolfdietrich for QCing this as everyone else went to bed like I wanted to…

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11 Responses to Freezing 06 [Uncensored]

  1. nawt says:

    Thanks for the subs bros

    I just wish they would stop screwing around with the adaptation as the manwha is considerably better so far =/

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  3. mangamuscle says:

    Thanks for the release :)

    IMHO the adaptation is better than the original since the pandora mode does not include a clunky armor that prevents fanservice and (about the previous episode) I never liked the idea that some average punks could subdue a group of girls that no doubt can level a tank squad.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Arthur was held at gun point so it wasn’t a matter of strength…

      • mangamuscle says:

        The girls and their weapons can move at supersonic speeds and those punks only need a “love tap” to lose consciousness or better yet, a severed hand will not pull a gun trigger no matter what. So the hostage situation by mere grunts is a weak plot device. Besides, these girls should have celebrity status as the world true and only saviors/hope, you would need truly low scum to attack them, average punks looking for chicks would know better (even if they are delusional about taking them on, even average grunts should know the goverment would come hard on them for damaging their precious property).

        • ano says:


          when did that happen?

          • EpicNaruto says:

            It’s in the manwha.

            Also, I still think that with a gun to Arthur’s head, there wasn’t much of anything they could do. Especially seeing as how one was a freshman and Rana isn’t quite known for her speed.

          • mangamuscle says:

            There is some lag between the moment a normal human senses register something and the time it takes the brain to react to it, the most common is test can be seen in the first 30 seconds of this video (it is a two person test, the same person cannot be the one releasing and catching the dollar bill). In that time Rana could have closed in and punched that punk hard enough to make his body travel at least a feet away from Arthur before his finger pulled the trigger. I do not understand why you say Rana is not fast, in episode 6 she shows her “wings” which make her quite fast.

  4. Picky Love Song says:

    For quite a long time first line of ending theme sounds to me like “kowareteku mirai de…”, rather than “kowareteku mirai ni…”

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