Freezing – 05 [Uncensored]

Freezing - 05 [Uncensored]

So many lines in this episode can be taken out of context.

[22:13] <Yuigg> it’s to late to start tling
[22:13] <~Quattro|away> 10pm is fine
[22:14] <Yuigg> i’ll do eet tomorrow morning
[22:14] <~Quattro|away> don’t delay it D:
[22:14] <~Quattro|away> do eet now
[22:14] <Yuigg> i’m not staying past 11:30 -_-
[22:14] <~Quattro|away> dude, i stay up until like 7am to get this thing out every week after you leave -_-
[22:14] <Yuigg> is it on ftp?
[22:15] <~Quattro|away> the audio file is up
[22:15] <~Quattro|away> did you get the email about the new ftp?
[22:15] <Yuigg> yes
[22:15] * Yuigg (qwebirc@495B286A.90E90EFE.40C8FAB.IP) Quit (Quit: Rizon webchat:

Oh and Hiiargi –> Hiiragi. We typoed it when fixing the names… By we I mean Quattro.

Also, if you are having problems with the AR, then you can either just override the AR to 4:3 in your media player or download the v2 here. If you didn’t even notice anything was wrong, then it doesn’t really matter. No patch because it is a new encode. We also fixed the naming mistake and a few minor errors in the script and encode.

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18 Responses to Freezing – 05 [Uncensored]

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  2. BakaPhoenix says:

    Thanks for your hard work!

  3. Tyrenol says:

    Yes, I agree. Thank you for all that hard work despite all types of bullcrap at left, right, and center field.

  4. =/ says:

    Why is the reso smaller than the previous releases?

  5. Crusty Cheese says:

    Is it just me or are there other people who have problems with the subtitles ?
    It appers that they are ot of sync with the picture after 2:04 (right after the picture with your credits)
    I´m using Media Player Classic Homecinema with the latest ffdshow-Codec

  6. a says:

    Thanks for the subs but fix your fucking website. Gray on gray is a bitch to read.

  7. Csiki says:

    Hy all.I have a little problem.My computer is a really old one and it doesn’t play these videos (because the resolution) correctly.I have converted it,but then the sub has dissapeared.Please someone help me what can i do with it.

  8. rin says:

    Thanks for the subs!

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