Freezing 03

Your face when we still released with all this simulcast drama going around these days. We just want to fansub so we’ll see how it goes.

Freezing – 03 Uncensored

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20 Responses to Freezing 03

  1. rhizzu says:

    waiting for censored to be release.
    good luck.

    • Koby says:

      Why would you watch something that is pretty much nothing but a black screen? Come on if you’re gonna watch this show do it right. =P

    • matthew2324 says:

      Still under age ??

      • rhizzu says:

        nope. i’m 21.
        the thing that i like on censored version is the aspect ratio 16:9 scr-resolution 1280×720.

        i’m not comfortable watching anime in square view.

        if the uncensored ver. has 16:9 ratio and 1280×720 res, then i will download and watch it happily.


        • Koby says:

          I’d take 4:3 any day over having to watch something with no video thanks to 80% of the screen being black due to censoring.

          • rhizzu says:

            i also hate that black thing appearing on screen. they are blocking the best part of the anime.
            but i have no choice. and i really want 16:9

  2. David says:

    It is your face. What you typed is you are face.

  3. nhls says:

    18:11 – “I should of expected that from Aoi Kazuha’s little brother”

    I don’t know Japanese, but I do know English, and the above statement is illiterate, to say the least.

  4. bobdoe says:

    why do i feel there is so much similarity between whynot and whine subs?

  5. Dist says:

    Whats wrong with the subs ? They dont fit the whole screen, and when I maximize the window to full screen, I see no subs at all. No problem with any other files, only with this video file.

  6. Shiki says:

    it seems ep 2+3 unc r brocken the files r locked from windows file explorer

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Uh, no. They sure aren’t. Check the CRC32 or try to redownload them. The download was probably corrupted or not actually finished.

      • Shiki says:

        i downloaded them 4 times each time the same result locked from windows file explorer. the others r fine just the ep 2+3 unc r a problem. checked with crc32 ep BC705CBC and ep 3 6EA349AC

        • EpicNaruto says:

          Whatever the problem is, it’s on your end. We can try to help, but we can only do so much.

          Try updating to the latest cccp or restarting your computer.

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