Freezing 02

Guess what? This scene is uncensored. This version is 960×720. Because of the raws available to us, we’ll probably be releasing the uncensored version from here out in 960×720. If you can’t stand 4:3, wait for the 16:9 censored version to be released in a few days. Just remember, without a capper, we have no control over the raw ┐( ̄— ̄)┌. That is all. Enjoy your tits and an anime only Pandora Mode.
EDIT: FUCK, we know “Satellizer” not “Sattelizer”. Typo on the translator’s part that we missed.

Freezing – 02 [Uncensored]

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30 Responses to Freezing 02

  1. anon says:

    Awesome, fast release, hope it’s decent (for a fast release) ;)

  2. Saman SarKo says:

    Thank You Guys …

  3. rhizzu says:

    well done. i’ll wait for censored version to be release..

  4. dfdasf says:

    By the way in the OP lyrics, ichinin should be hitori
    shiawase nai mainichi -> shiawase na mainichi

    And thanks for the subs.

  5. schui says:

    Good work on your release! I have a fix question about episode 1 of Freezing… Will you release a v2 with the resolution settings of ep 2? Don’t get me wrong but ep 1 wasn’t watchable because of the awesome blackbars (Yeah I know, it is not ur fault ^^)

    Just asking because I would like to archive ur version =P Well or I will wait for ur BD version…

    Thanks anyway :)

  6. GT1 says:

    wow epic naruto? what kind of faggots work on this nigger fansub XD

  7. Dark_Sage says:

    Dammit >_<

  8. Phillangees says:

    Not entirely sure what some folks were beefing about for this season. This show looks to be pretty darned interesting, thanks very much for working on it.

  9. Lockon says:

    Thanks for the release. Just a quick question. Why episode 2 has lower quality than episode 1? (uncensored version)

    Episode 1 is 404 mb while episode 2 is 293 mb. I’m not just basing this from file size. I already tried comparing the quality of episode 1 and 2 but episode 1 really has better quality.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      To quote myself…. “Just remember, without a capper, we have no control over the raw ┐( ̄— ̄)┌.”

    • Sake says:

      Hello, Lockon.

      Because we don’t have an actual capper on staff, we rely on stations and they have been inconsistent. You’ll notice that episode one has a higher resolution, due to the black bars on the side (it is 4:3 as well), while episode 2 has a smaller resolution, but no black bars. Basically, some of that extra space it takes up can be attributed to those useless black bars taking up room.

  10. rin says:

    Thanks for the subs.

  11. Lockon says:

    Alright got it. Thanks alot :P

    By any chance, if you manage to get a hold of better quality, would you have version 2 of episode 2 with the same quality as episode 1?

    • EpicNaruto says:

      We probably won’t v2 it for that reason (unless it’s just much better). If better quality raws show up at some point, we will probably include them in the batch as v2s. For now, it would appear as though our uncensored release will be 960×720.

  12. kitahè says:

    i’m wondering why in this blog the colour of the text is almost the same of the background colour, my eyes bleeding. ç_ç

  13. Maro says:

    So; 4:3 ist epic fail and the 16:9 is censored by histeric old men who freak out at every drop of blood or visible skin.. they seriously don’t have to black-bar half of the damn screen, do they -.-
    I think I’ll wait for BDs.. anyone know when they’ll be released, and is WhyNot doing them?

    Thanks for the subs anyway, the quality was good.

    • Sake says:

      Hello, Maro.

      I agree with you that having censored and uncensored versions is a bit excessive, but it appeals to a wider audience if the nudity is censored.

      As for the Blu-rays, the first volume comes out March 23rd. Each volume will consist of 2-3 episodes. I have not been told whether WhyNot? will be working on them; it depends on what EpicNaruto decides.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

      • EpicNaruto says:

        My policy is to release the blurays for anything we do an original TL for. If we do a CR edit, it isn’t guaranteed and depends on staff interest. In short, yes, we will be doing the blurays so long as the BDMVs are available.

  14. Crusty Cheese says:

    Could you please do a patch or a V2 to fix the “Sattelizer” Typo ? It´s very annoying because it showed up in just every sentence in the first half of the episode.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      We won’t be releasing a v2 for this episode until the batch because if we do, it would be on a better raw and therefore a patch would be pointless. If it bothered you that much, you can assume the censored version will always have any mistakes corrected if you want to wait.

  15. Coder says:

    Great guys! By the way are you planning on doing Level E? Nobody seems to be subbing it other than HorribleSubs, which are just horrible.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      We only have one translator who has his hands full already. We are planning on releasing it as a CR edit but we’re having trouble getting someone to do the OP/ED.

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