Freezing – 01 [Censored]

Freezing 01 - [Censored]

So a raw showed up with the whole episode in 16:9, but with censoring. We will be releasing both versions provided the raws make themselves available each week. First version should be uncensored with the OP/ED in 16:9 while the rest is 4:3. Second version should be censored but fully 16:9.

Also, some minor changes to the uncensored version’s script. The v2 patch is below.

Freezing – 01 [Censored]

Freezing – 01v2 [Uncensored].zip

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14 Responses to Freezing – 01 [Censored]

  1. rhizzu says:

    there’s no torrent link on censored version.

  2. magnilan says:

    Thanks for the release. Just asking, does that mean there is no uncensored 16:9 version?

  3. hitokirijin says:

    The ddl for the uncensored version becomes 404 for me. =(

  4. Saf4 says:

    finally in 16:9
    i do not care with the uncensored or censored

  5. luffy45 says:

    Did uncensored is 1280 x 720p?

  6. M@ye says:

    Gotta love it when something is specified as being “censored” instead.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How to use the patch? I tried extracting the zip in the same folder, running xdelta3.exe but seems its asking for another file, IDK but if it worked with anyone help :/

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