Free! Eternal Summer Batch

No more water time. :c

We’re working on the BDs now.

Spoiler for Credits
Songs: Quattro, vale
Editor: Quattro, Brine (backup)
Timer: Afinon
Typesetter: Hybrid21, Quattro (backup)
Encoder: Acid`
QC: Acid`, Sobre (backup), Quattro (backup)
Stuff doer: Quattro, Acid`


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3 Responses to Free! Eternal Summer Batch

  1. Guest says:

    Any updates on when the BD batch + OVA will be ready? Or a timeline for when you expect it to be done? And as always, thank you for the hard work, time and effort you put into translating the shows! :)

  2. Halp says:

    So, are the BDs still being worked on or did you drop them? Or are they already out and I’m just blind?

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