Free! Eternal Summer 12

[WhyNot] Free! Eternal Summer - 12 [0D0BCA8B].mkv_snapshot_23.36_[2014.09.19_00.56.49]

As someone who teaches English in Japan for a living, the fact that Rin has perfect grammar despite his horrible pronunciation irks me. That’s just not how it works if someone has lived in an English speaking country for several years. /rant

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10 Responses to Free! Eternal Summer 12

  1. Adal says:

    Just be glad that they could actually be bothered to hire someone to write the English in good grammar in the first place. Most anime dont even seem to give a shit.

  2. Wow, fast release... Thanks!! (My Feelz are all over the place right now T^T)

  3. Alex says:

    As someone who lives in Sydney, I am slightly miffed that they made the train doors blue, when any poor sod that has to catch Sydney Trains knows they are yellow. They also didnt complain that the train was late, which it most certainly would have been. Otherwise, pretty well done.

  4. Rex says:

    Thanks for subbing the first 12 episodes for Free! Eternal Summer.A bit sad that you guys dropped this and not working on the final episode though.

    • Quattro says:

      Dropped? Not working on the final episode? I guess I wasnt working on translating the song earlier. Silly me.

    • Max says:

      Same here,its unfortunate that this show has been dropped.Looking forward for the next project for now :)

      • Quattro says:

        You dont need to comment twice under different names, bro. Why would we drop a show we enjoy on the final episode of the second season when weve also stated we plan on doing the BDs for? Yeah, makes no sense, does it?

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