Free! – BD Batch

Well, shit. Looks like we didn’t make it before the second season started.

BD Credits:
AsuraE (Encoder)
Afinon (Timer)
Acid` (QC)
Quattro (Stuff doer, specials everything)

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10 Responses to Free! – BD Batch

  1. Anon says:

    Heh, was about to ask about this.
    Either way, big thanks for the release, looking forward to you guys doing S2 as well.

  2. droid says:

    Yeah just awesome love the subbing for the OP!!

  3. Heysayjeskuh says:

    woooo can rewatch the series then xD until you release s2!

  4. Eduardo Cruz says:

    Did you guys compare the video quality to Commies BD release?

  5. I can NOT wait for the 1st ep of the 2nd season... ^_^

  6. nao-nyan says:

    i cant read the comment _

  7. Hazim Hanifah says:

    reseed please~~~

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