Free! 11

Delayed because out typesetter went to sleep. On a related note, we could use more staff. Read the sticky if interested.

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4 Responses to Free! 11

  1. Belphegor says:

    Thank you.

  2. dgw says:

    Am I misunderstanding the story? At one point in this script, it sounds like Haru made Rin want to quit swimming. But earlier in the episode, Rei said it was Rins fault that Haru wanted to quit swimming. Either one of those is wrong or my understanding of the plot is screwed.

    • Quattro says:

      Both are true. Haru assumed Rin wanted to quit because he won the race. And Haru quit swimming because Rin quit swimming (after losing to Haru).

      But this was all a misunderstanding and not actually Harus fault.

      • dgw says:

        I thought this show was basically Gayon!, so why is the plot so confusing?

        Or maybe its just because I took a few weeks between episodes and forgot everything. Thanks, Quattro :)

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