Free! 10

No pic because I cant be fucked. Silver spoon is coming eventually.

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  1. iorange says:

    Allout Allout AllOut Alrout Arout Allrout
    Pafect Boey Pafec Balle

  2. Belphegor says:

    Thank you!

  3. Guest says:

    Thank you!

    Chapter positions are off, you may want to correct them for a batch.
    Intro, OP, Part A ok
    I think the correct times will be the following:
    Part B 10:17.900 (10:18)
    ED 21:39.700
    Preview 23:09.500

  4. Omnihotdog says:

    Thank you!!!

  5. Miura Azusa says:

    Will you release the short movie?

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