Free! 03

OP lyrics have been updated since the single is out. Yes, they really are that bad.

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9 Responses to Free! 03

  1. Suzuki Tatsuhisa should just stop trying to sing in English

  2. Blaize says:

    About the op,

    A world Ive never seen
    A world Id never see.

    I dont think A world id never seen is english.

    • Acid` says:

      A world Id never see. = A world I had never see. Thats DEFINITELY not valid English.

      A world I had never seen refers to a world that the speaker _has_ seen, but at some point in the past had not.

      A world I have never seen refers to a world that the speaker has not seen at any point, past or present.

      Similar but different meanings, and both correct English sentences.

      • Acid` says:

        Oh, if by Id see you meant A world I would never see, that doesnt quite make sense. The full line would be I reached a world I would never see. That means that he DID reach the world, but he was unable to see it. (Maybe he lost his vision or something??)

  3. Selecao says:

    Is it possible for the glorious rainbows here to cause eyecancer, cause I think Im feeling it. /s

  4. I think you forgot this part:

    get set, here we go > should be get set go (get set, resound, go)

  5. nokemon says:

    Thank you so much for subbing this! I dont remember when I have laughed this much :D

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