Free! 02

Id watch it.

<~Quattro> Late cause I had to work again. Im off next week, so itll be faster.

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13 Responses to Free! 02

  1. stgmefly says:

    Are this subs fabulously sugoi??

  2. Martin says:

    You definitely made my day with the release pic! Nice one.

  3. makabralu says:

    Youre so fabulous ~~~

  4. fempwr says:

    That image is disgusting and reinforces rape culture.
    As expected of a patriarchal sub group.

  5. Reyortsed Sinep says:

    I think the title Breast! is a much better pun than Paid!

  6. skyhack says:

    This is impossible for old people to read.

    Wait, what did I just say?

  7. id watch it even more if it was girls. they wouldnt even need to change the dialog

  8. kyouma21 says:

    The only reason I dont watch this is the amount of gay that this series contains it distrubs me.

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