Free! 01

I swear we really didnt plan on doing this. You believe me, dont you? Dont you? Well, we didnt. No, really.

[21:35] <~Quattro> and i’m finally off work
[21:35] <~Quattro> only to go in tomorrow at 6
[21:35] <~Quattro> yay…
[21:35] <~Quattro> lol guys
[21:35] <~Quattro> two people already asking for us to do free
[21:36] <@Hybrid|sleep> commie is doing it
[21:37] <@Hybrid|sleep> + it’s a simulcast
[21:37] <~Quattro> i get that
[21:37] <@Hybrid|sleep> ( ¬‿¬)
[21:37] <~Quattro> they want a simulcast edit
[21:37] <@Hybrid|sleep> yup
[21:37] <~Quattro> so who’s up for it~?
[21:39] <&Congeal> plz no
[21:39] <~Quattro> oh good
[21:39] <~Quattro> Congeal can shift
[21:39] <&Congeal> nope
[21:39] <~Quattro> COYS: grab the ts
[21:39] <&Congeal> wiping drives
[21:39] <@COYS> for what?
[21:40] <@COYS> i thought everything was done
[21:40] <&Congeal> >free
[21:40] <@COYS> wut
[21:40] <~Quattro> apparently people think we’ll do it
[21:40] <~Quattro> so uh
[21:40] <~Quattro> why not?
[21:40] <@COYS> isn’t vale doing that for UTW?
[21:40] <~Quattro> it’s simulcasted
[21:40] <@COYS> oh
[21:40] <@COYS> well, downloading
[21:42] <~Quattro> i’ll uh
[21:42] <~Quattro> see if i can do the songs

Apparently the rainbows were too fabulous for the subs to handle. v2 Patch

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44 Responses to Free! 01

  1. Vale says:

    Also I was gonna do it for gg.

  2. Tamayuki says:

    You guys are saviors! Thank you so much for taking Free!! Finally, finally!

    • IZEROII says:

      CR isnt bad. You want homophobic troll subs ie bad dl commie. I hope this isnt more of the same.

  3. M says:

    &gt;No subs
    Was the wrong script muxed in? lol

  4. The Greatest Anon says:

    If only that guy didnt took off his pants and shirts all the time, this show will not be as gay as those derp rainbows.

  5. Speedster says:

    Thanks for doing Free! guys. This show probably wont actually be as yaoi gay as everyones expecting so I was hoping a decent sub group would pick it up Thanks WhyNot. Fuck Commie.

  6. Jeskuh says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! &lt;3

  7. anon says:

    Are these trollsubs just like commie or just a regular CR edit?

  8. Entrav says:


  9. Reso says:

    Ugh... came here after stopping Commies subs at the title screen. Heard you guys were doing proper subs. Will enjoy them. Thank you. .

    • Reso says:

      MMMMmmm. Dat Korean rainbow text.

      • rainbowkouji says:

        Ah, such delicious hypocrisy from a country in the progress of cannibalizing/ripping off Japanese culture, stealing their technology, illegally violating their territory and preaching hate against them, all the while forgetting that they have no real culture of their own and that Japan brought them the education and civilization needed to become a halfway modern country.

  10. stgmefly says:

    Are my comments rainbow too??

  11. Fabulous says:

    Glorious gay rainbows.

  12. ultimate sora says:


  13. Exo says:


  14. Shin says:

    I didnt know/think/imagine you guys would do this shit , but oh well.. since youre doing it , I will watch it.

  15. A_Blind_Man says:

    When i first saw this released by commie, my first thought was, wow this show would be awesome with a rainbow sub track... VIOLA! whynot delivers.

    Thanks as always for another weekly dose of rainbows

  16. peebs says:

    All I gotta say, aside from thanks, is: SHARK TEETH

  17. Wah says:

    Do you guys always say so why not? before you do a show? Does that never get old?

  18. hue says:

    thanks its fAbUlOUs!

  19. Sopherion says:

    Guys, why is your encode worse than HS encode?

  20. A says:

    Didnt want to watch along this season but after seeing that WhyNot picked it up I got sucked in and decided to watch the seasonal HYPE anime. Why Not?

    It was much better than I was expecting (so far). KyoAni finds a way.

  21. Reborn says:

    Am I the only one that noticed their using dubstep in the soundtrack

  22. anon23563241 says:

    Thank you!!

  23. Martin says:

    Thanks for picking it up. Hope it wont be as gay as it seems on first sight... Anyway, why the hell did you drop the honorifics while half of the conversation is based around the MC wanting to stop the others calling him Haru*chan*.

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