Fall Recruiting

We need more editors and QCs. We currently have 0 editors, so do apply asap.

Editor – Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. The test is a pretty extreme case of how things can go, so if you can handle that you’re up for anything.
Test You must edit everything, including any songs/typesets etc.

QC – Still in need of these. A QCer’s job is to look over every aspect of a release to make sure it’s error free. This includes noticing spelling, grammatical, timing, typesetting and encoding errors. The test is scored out of 5 errors I have placed in the test. There may be more errors, but they won’t count towards the score.

All applicants need to:
1) Drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot?@irc.rizon.net, talk to Quattro and send an email to WhyNot.doesntexist@gmail.com (be sure to DO BOTH).
2) Use “WhyNot? Test – *insertpositionhere*” as the subject. Anything else will be filtered out as junk.
3) Include your available times (and time zone in UTC/GMT), internet connection (saying “It’s good” or “It’s fast” isn’t enough), and nick in the application email.
4) Lurk on our channel (all communication will be done through IRC).
Failure to do any of these means that you fail the basic test of being able to follow simple instructions, so reread this after writing your email.

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12 Responses to Fall Recruiting

  1. Adamar says:

    The video for the editing test isn’t available at the link, FYI.

  2. Corbyn says:

    What? Edit an untimed script for a test? That’s just mean.

    • Quattro says:

      Happens quite often if we’re speedsubbing something (not that we speedsub anything anymore ;_;. last time we did was BRS I think). Editor will have to edit just behind the translator before it gets timed (to save time).

  3. RyC says:

    Hmm… It’s kinda tough to see the context and edit without the original video…

  4. AsuraE says:

    Fairly sure we should change the editor test. I mean, we don’t have to deal with English that bad anymore.

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