Fall 2013 Plans + Status

I’M BACK! Well, I finally got my desktop setup again after almost five weeks (I live in Japan now). There’s obviously been some delays because of this, but everyone has been trying their best to make up for it, so thanks guys. Now that I’m back, I’ll get to work on batches and all my projects again. So without further adieu, fall plans.

Fall 2013:
vale – Phi Brain S3
Quattro – BDs and backlog projects, Yahari OVA
Rekyu – Saint Young Men

Simulcast edits:
Galilei Donna

Status of other things:
Steins;Gate Movie – BD/DVD release on 12/13
Saint Young Men OVA2 – Translating (Rekyu) Released
Saint Young Men Movie – BD/DVD release on 10/23 Translating (Rekyu) Typesetting
Yahari OVA – @Quattro
Robotics;Notes BDs – @QC
Steins;Gate Drama CDs – Gamma videos 7/8, Alpha videos 0/7, Beta videos 0/9 (all are translated, timed, edited)
Azazel S2 BDs – Vol 2 is at QC, Vol 3 is at BDMV download Released
Thermae Romae Specials – @Editing
Utapri S1 BDs – @Shifting
Utapri S2 BDs – @BDMV download
Kids on the Slope BDs – Released
Tsuritama – Released
Chaos;Head – Encoded, shifted, @lots of work
Utakoi – @Editing
Irresponsible Captain Tylor – @Quattro
Free BDs – Vol 01 released, Vol 02 @QC
Silver Spoon BDs?

Please keep all questions about project status and plans limited to this post for a while (comments on other posts will be deleted). Nothing has been forgotten.

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33 Responses to Fall 2013 Plans + Status

  1. Shugo says:

    “Steins;Gate Movie – Translating”? So are you subbing the leak or are you gonna wait until the DVD/BD?

  2. baldr says:

    “Steins;Gate Drama CDs – Gamma videos 6.5/8, Alpha videos 0/7, Beta videos 0/9 (all are translated, timed, edited)” – If they are translated, timed and edited, what’s missing?

  3. Meme says:

    Broooo. Where? I’m going to be in Japan in late October.

  4. vanhoe says:

    What about Yahari OVA?

  5. kriman says:

    Considering that you guys subbed first Freezing, how about second season?

  6. Reso says:

    Huh…. Chaos;Head….. It’s been a while since I’ve seen that. How long have you guys been working on those BDs?

  7. Saten-chan says:

    Like the BD plans! I have been waiting for a 720p Kids on the Slope from somewhere.

  8. Anonymous says:

    what about Steins;Gate BD 1080p ?

  9. aria0chan says:

    Meganebu! blz work on it!!

  10. ABC123 says:

    It’d be great if you could work on the Free! BDs.
    Thanks in advance.

  11. Nodame says:

    Hi! I would like to ask when the Meganebu will be released by you? :)

  12. jan says:

    hello i hope u guys sub New Prince of Tennis Special PLSSSS!

    • Quattro says:

      Is it on that list? No.
      Have we ever subbed anything PoT? No.
      Have we expressed even the slightest interest in it? No.
      Have we ever even mentioned the series? No.

      tl;dr No.

  13. mhkk001 says:

    Are you guys still doing Robotics;Notes?

    Its been awhile since Vol. 4 is released.

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