Fall 2011 recruiting


We’d like several more typesetters, editors, timers, QCs, and translator(s).

Now that summer is over we’re going to need more of everything. Seriously, apply. We’re mainly in need of typesetters, editors, and timers at this very moment. And we are also in need of some staff in Europe (timers and editors mainly) for next season. (Just because we need more staff from Europe doesn’t mean that we don’t need staff from other timezones.)


Typesetter – We have no typesetters yet again and one leader who typesets everything because no one else can. Apply now.

Editor – With everything that we’re doing, we don’t have enough editors.

Translators – As always, we need ’em. We only have two translators (vale and Yuigg) currently. If you’d like to translate a certain series, we’ll take it into consideration. A translator may be responsible for songs, TLCing, and maybe the occasional OVA/special (rare but it happens) aside from whatever series. If you can’t do a weekly series, we could still use your help with the other parts.

Timers – I’m sick of scouring the staff for someone to time something when the main timer responsible for a series is busy that day and no one else is able to. Therefore, more timers are needed. In order to keep how much we have to teach to a minimum, all timers are expected to be familiar with the information in this guide.

QC – A simple and easy job, but we need some more people. Most of the time you’ll be idling in the channel waiting for a release to be thrown at you for QCing, so we need people who are online a lot with an attention to detail.
QC test be here
Update: The QC test is now 237% less ~FABULOUS~ (i.e. it’s no longer prince).

For more information on the positions (or tests) visit the link at the top.

The best way to get yourself noticed is to drop by the IRC channel #WhyNot?@irc.rizon.net and talk to Quattro/Yoki or AsuraE and send an email to WhyNot.doesntexist@gmail.com (be sure to do BOTH so you’re not forgotten). Be sure to include your available times, internet connection, and if you’re online often. Or, talk to any staff and they will proceed to heckle Quattro/Yoki into doing something.

Edit: You have to be on IRC and just lurking in the channel, otherwise your application will most likely be ignored.

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35 Responses to Fall 2011 recruiting

  1. CS says:

    The script provided for timing is really bad. Would points be counted against me if I edited a bit so it doesn’t feel like I’m losing braincells?

    • AsuraE says:

      If you edited it, timed it and then put the original editing back in, sure, it’s fine. But timers don’t actually touch any of the editing, and at least english-wise this script is better than what timers normally work with (maybe with the exception of niconico rips etc.).

      • Mirk says:

        As an editor, will I be able to download a copy of the raw somewhere/be directed to download it from somewhere because some of the translations are so damn derpy that I’m not even sure what the line is trying to say/imply. With the actual context/japanese lines, I’d have a better feeling for what fits better.

        Also, are we supposed to go for a more literal translation or one that fits the Eng. Lang/culture better?

        • Mirk says:

          Ah jumped the gun there. Realized the video was on top, my bad. (Question is still there though, will we always be given the video link –> DDL as opposed to torrent?)

          • AsuraE says:

            There will always be a raw video available through the ftp. On a side note, we wouldn’t get you to edit a script without the video (or at least the audio) because, well, it leads to derpiness beyond your wildest dreams~

  2. Clam says:

    I’ll be applying for editor / QC tomorrow, when i have the time

  3. Geass v2 says:

    Well I just submitted my entry for an editor. I really hope that I get a role here, or something.

    Also, Mirk made a good point. Do you guys want more literal translations, or spoken translations? As in “Nah”, instead of “No”. Obviously not for every line, just if it fits.

  4. AzureHakua says:

    Oh man, I would love to be an editor. Although, I’m really busy aside from weekends, so I don’t know when I’d be able to help you. A rough timeline on when roles are needed would be helpful. Shoot me some mail. Then again… I really don’t feel like taking the test, so I guess it can’t be helped lol. Do you give passes to people who are already editors? Ahaha. xP

  5. Trimpoll says:

    I apply as group leader, you cannot deny my candidacy.

  6. Scythe says:

    I’ll be applying for Editor, Timer, and Typesetter.

    Not necessarily to do all three but because I can do any of those three and therefore can be put wherever I’m needed

    • Scythe says:

      I just realized I will not have the time to do timing. However editing and typesetting should be fine.. so i’ll be submitting my tests for both of those soon.

  7. Skittle says:

    “And we are also in need of some staff in Europe (timers and editors mainly) for next season.”
    Why Europe ?

  8. Pilot says:

    ಠ╭╮ಠ <— My face for AsuraE and Quattro

  9. shuckdizzle says:

    You’re all horrible and should just stop releasing anything. Ever. Feel bad, and I’m not even mean. Mean people would just spit on you.

    On second thought, /spit. Rage more, nerds.

  10. failzor says:

    Whats with Hen Semi BD’s? D:

  11. gboyredgun says:

    u guys still need another QC? i’d love to help out if you do.

  12. Shakeel says:

    So when will the results be announced anyways? till all staff posts are sufficiently filled?

  13. Shakeel says:

    so do u just msg them? in chat?

  14. Maceart says:

    These tests are pretty useless. Especially the timing one.

    99% of audience do not give a shit about fine timing, nor do they give a shit about karaoke timing. Pre-timing is the worst thing you can do, since you constrain the translator to set phrases and lines which probably won’t make much sense afterwards. Rough (Sharp) timing is pretty much all you need, since fansub watchers could care less whether a line “latches” on to each scene or has exactly the same lead in and lead out. They just want lines to appear at the right time when spoken. Timing should take at most 30 minutes for a 300 line episode. Any more, and you’re doing it wrong.

    And the editing test is superfluous. If your translator actually types lines like that, fire his ass. He’s not doing his work.

    Fansubbing should only require two people, a translator, and someone who does everything else (because TLLers usually aren’t arsed to timed their own shit too, unless you’re a one man team like Koi-fansubs or Yu.)

    • AsuraE says:

      1) You’ve posted this shit already.
      2) You really have nothing better to do, do you?

      Why don’t you try talking on irc? It’d be faster for us to prove why you’re wrong.

  15. Pero Pero Pedo Bear says:

    If only internet in my country didn’t suck I could do any of the jobs.

  16. sakata says:

    I sent in an application for editor. Review please?

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