Dragon Crisis – 12 [END]

So this ended a lot better than I thought it would. I guess thats a good thing, but I already had a picture set aside thinking it would be a terrible ending.

MrDrSr (QC)
Mirco22 (QC)
Viridian (Timer)
Senna_Wong (Editor, backup timer for 12)
Sake (Backup timer for some eps)
Yoki (Encoder, editor, everything at some point)
Yuigg (TL)

Staff thoughts
Sake: Rie made me Ryuuji in my pants while timing
Viridian: Thanks for everyone’s support
Senna_Wong: WhyNot? Fansubs is the first fansubbing group I’ve had the honor and pleasure of joining and working with. When I started, all I had at my disposal were my English skills and my ability to point and click at lines with my mouse in Aegisub XD Though I started off simply helping with editing Crunchyroll scripts for Level E, I was eventually given the chance to help edit our original translations for Dragon Crisis!, and I jumped at the chance to help out with what I felt to be a bigger and more interesting series. (Not that I dislike Level E! I actually enjoy it now, but that’s for another time.) Over these few months, I’ve learnt a lot about the work that’s involved in fansubbing, and it’s always been a wish of mine to give back to fansubbing, which has provided me with countless……hours of entertainment for years and years. I’m a little sad that Dragon Crisis! is over already (3 months really goes by fast!), but I’m looking forward to giving back even more in the coming seasons!

v2 Patches: Eps 1-8, 11
Batch Torrent

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10 Responses to Dragon Crisis – 12 [END]

  1. Reianz says:

    Do you guys know how to patch these files on a mac?

  2. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for all you’re work on this project! The show was surprisingly enjoyable and I’m really glad you guys stuck with it.

    Also, big thanks for providing patches for the earlier episodes so we didn’t have to re-download everything.

  3. amen665 says:

    i really did enjoy this show with yous guys. thx 4 doing this ,.. i appreciate it. imma now take your subs and merge with the bd’s i see everywhere (^_^)b

    oh yeah… thx 4 the v2 patches.

  4. Hatechi says:

    Guys need seeders for batch to download. Thank you.

  5. blahblah12 says:

    come someone seed for batch please? I’m stuck a 97.5%. Thanks

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