Dragon Crisis – 11

This show better have a good ending. I will rage so hard if it’s a shit ending.

DC 12 and batch soon. Level E 12 soon too.

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12 Responses to Dragon Crisis – 11

  1. Senna says:

    Creepy-looking Misaki is creepy XD

  2. CS says:

    Start rageing it’s total shit. At least it had good music.

  3. Geese1 says:

    Thanks for the episode!

  4. KPR says:

    I will also rage if this doesn’t have a good ending, I have really come to love this anime.

  5. Phillangees says:

    …You’re not going to like the ending :(

    • KPR says:

      Damn, but that’s normally how every ending to animes are. That’s why I normally also read the manga it was based off of, but unfortunately this was based off a novel.

  6. Senna says:

    Spoiler: The ending was awesome to Senna ^^

  7. Anon says:


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