Chocolate – 08

So, here’s 8. Rekyu said he would do 9-10 this weekend (it’s now late Saturday), so we’ll see what happens.

Leave him some encouraging words (or not).

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16 Responses to Chocolate – 08

  1. blackice85 says:


  2. Hassy says:

    thx for the ep , and u better finish ep 9 and 10 till it turn 00:01(by britfag time) 17.9.12 :)

  3. fignuts says:

    Rekyu – Fight-O!!!

  4. cho co late' says:

    This is my favorite show of the season and all these delayed/irregular releases are killing me!!! plz help!!!

  5. VoiceOfReason says:


  6. Deesha says:

    It’s not like i wanted to encourage you … BAKA ! -> Well did that does sound tsundere … FOR A MAN ?

  7. Reso says:

    Rekyu – I have your babies after this is all over.

  8. 2a_a2 says:

    Thank you!

  9. D says:

    when will ep 9-12 be released?

  10. babby says:

    rekyu, pls

  11. kikiloaw says:

    i wanna say thanks first for subbing good anime’s..

    but i wonder why this Chocolate is so delay in releasing.??

  12. Friss says:

    Still patiently waiting, dumb as I may be for that.

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