Captain Earth – 24

[WhyNot] Captain Earth - 24 [7210891D].mkv_snapshot_12.33_[2014.09.19_00.42.25]

So, Bones is really killing me with the spellings. “Auberon” for the title screen, then “OBERON” literally everywhere else. Official spellings according to the website are also “Bagbear”, “Seiren”, “Liban”, and “Zimbardo” for the Kill-T-Gangs. I’ve managed to keep the scripts updated to remain consistent for the batch somehow, but I basically have to go through and search every previous episode for inconsistencies every week. Also, CR gets this shit wrong nearly every single time.

Just a notice: I’ve taken over for Editor-kun on this and Yami Shibai 2 to finish out the season. He’s currently a bit MIA. My hours don’t tend to agree with either show, which is why I wasn’t doing them in the first place, but oh well.

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14 Responses to Captain Earth – 24

  1. Fallanx says:

    Thanks for your hard work

  2. Bracket says:

    Again, your work is truly appreciated. Thank you very much for the releases.

  3. Lolly Lilly says:

    sankyuu ne Quattro-san~~~
    i really appreciate your hard work~ (◡‿◡✿)
    at least your followers don’t need to wait for a long time~ hehe~ o(〃^▽^〃)o

  4. animenewbie says:

    Good to have you on board, Quattro-san.

    I would anticipate that patches would have to be made in a couple of places (at least after ep 14 since that was the last episode for which a patch was released). Some tenuous grammar in a couple of place but I, for one, am not going to obsess over those. As for the names… makasette.(hope I got that right).

    But anyways, it’s a pretty decent shounen-ish/mecha-ish/genre-blended show. A sturdy season choice by y’all. One more episode to go!

    • Quattro says:

      I’ve been working on this show from the beginning, just not as the regular editor. And trust me, I’ve been updating the scripts since episode 1 with this shit. Every single episode has numerous fixes that were basically because terms didn’t show up on screen or the website until later. 14 was patched because of a muxing error though, not anything script related as I recall.

      Staff for current shows is listed here, not that it matters to most people.

  5. YoshiChao says:

    Just wanted to ask ahead of time, but are all the previous releases in their v2 form that you’ll be including on the batch, or are they still their original form?

    Just checking because I plan to download all the episodes when you finish the series, and I was wondering if I could go back and download the ones you’ve released, or if I should just wait for the batch (which hopefully you release soon after episode 25 ^^) and just download the episodes I need.

    Thanks in advance for all your hardwork on this show though, I’m glad at least someone other than HorribleSubs was able to finish it -_- <- (the face of a fool that followed Commie when they barely managed to catch up back at episode 5/6 I think)

  6. anonymouse says:

    What is the status of Ep25? Can we expect it any time soon? It’s not like I have any other options than to wait but still would like to know when to expect it.

  7. macxxx007 says:

    Derp… I had completely lost track… thanks for episodes 23 and 24!

  8. stardrago says:

    Just wondering, after you are done with releasing episode 25, will you be doing the BD versions in 720p format? Just wondering since the first three volumes should already be out with episodes 1-8 in them. Also if you do, will you be rechecking the translations for them?

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