Captain Earth – 10

Editor was still having internet troubles. Hopefully we’re in the clear now.

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6 Responses to Captain Earth – 10

  1. Tel says:

    Thanks for Captain Earth

    is Captain Earth 11 delayed because of PC problems

  2. abdc says:

    Ping Pong subs where?

    I might have to watch Commie’s release for the last episode, at this rate.

    • AsuraE says:

      I have a theory on this. Last week’s ping pong post said “Ping Pong will be delayed next week.” Now here me out here. I *think* this means that it’s delayed. It’s only a theory though.

      • abdc says:

        Yes, I knew it was going to be delayed, but nowhere near as long as it was, you fuck.

        • AsuraE says:

          Sorry, I didn’t think you were capable of reading since you didn’t get the message. Guess I’ll be more polite to people I think are illiterate in the future then :)

  3. abdc says:

    *but not

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