Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie – Abyss of Hyperspace

Well. That sure took forever, huh? It delayed everything else with it too.

Info: 1920×1080 + FLAC, 1280×720 + AAC

Spoiler for Who to bitch at for delays
vale (Translator)
AsuraE (Encoder)
Afinon (Timer)
Hybrid (Typeset a few signs then bailed, but helped at the very end)
Acid` (QC)
Quattro (Editor, tlc, typesetter, BD provider, stuff doer)
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55 Responses to Bodacious Space Pirates The Movie – Abyss of Hyperspace

  1. NamcoPro says:

    Motherfuckers this better not be an April Fools shit.
    I will love you forever if it isn’t.

  2. KariRaiha says:

    Felt pressed to release it because of Doremi release or did they steal it from you?

    • Quattro says:

      Neither. I’ve been working on it consistently for the last like two weeks or so to finally get it done. I had off work yesterday and was already working on it. Why would I care that Doremi released first?

  3. Joe Gilliam says:

    Thank You, Thank you.

  4. Ladholyman says:

    Holy shit fucking finally.

  5. erejnion says:

    Whoa, I didn’t even manage to watch Doremi’s release yet. Downloadan’

  6. Heroically says:

    UtaPri 3000% love please Quattro :D

  7. Well, not want to be a cheap ass but i already have downloaded Doremi’s version which’s much more small in size. Thank but i will pass, i still have not watched, so if there’s some screenshot to compare the quality of translation or video quality (i might not even notice the difference with my 10 years old 5:4 lcd screen).

  8. Maceart says:

    A delay of a week or two is understandable. 180+ days you’re getting into trolling territory.

    Should have just asked for help with typesetting or went for something simpler.

  9. Nome says:

    Shouldn’t be any problem if I take the 720’s audio and mux it with the 1080’s video right?

  10. Thank you for the release.

  11. Nick Fetty says:

    OMFUCKINGOD fo reals ???

  12. dual says:

    So in short. It was all Hybrid’s fault?

  13. macslate says:

    Thank you very much!

  14. BeerWench says:

    THANK YOU. Too damn sleepy to watch it now, I will on my next day off! You ROCKz!

  15. macxxx007 says:

    My time is limited so I’ll just comment here:

    Thanks so much for all your work on “Garo” and thanks so much for translating this movie!

  16. limabean says:

    I got Doremi’s version ’cause I didn’t know if you guys were doing it. Got to ~20 minutes or so in, and when one of the character’s says Uminoakehoshi, they subbed it as Earth. Deleted that scheisse right then and there. Thank the gods you guys released not long after.

  17. Ladholyman says:

    Damn you guys didn’t translate Necker’s blog.

  18. qrius666 says:

    Thanks! Got a few days off work, so I’ll be able to watch this soon!

  19. Ythma says:

    I would like to thank you for releasing this after so a long a wait. Some thought it would never get done, there a a few that still hung on to the hope that someday it would be.

  20. Just_Me says:

    Thankyou SO much!

    I have been waiting for this from you and I am really happy that I can now sit and watch it.

    I am very grateful for this release!

  21. AnonyMouse says:


  22. Many thanks been waiting for some group to release this for ages :)

  23. don dowler says:

    Noice one.

  24. psychoo666 says:

    Thanks again for the hard work!
    Does anyone know the name of the manga/light novel at 00:53:24? Google could not find anything about “My dear of pure steel 3”. :/

  25. GimmeAire says:

    My thanks to everyone involved in subbing this!! Very VERY much!!

  26. Deathspike says:

    Lots of thanks for this release!

  27. Bob says:

    Thanks ;)

  28. Anon15896 says:

    Anybody else having some serious mixing issues with the Japanese voice audio levels? It’s literally so soft I can’t hear any of the Japanese

    • Quattro says:

      It’s 5.1 FLAC, so that’s probably why. Check your player settings.

      • Anon15896 says:

        Turns out it was my RealTek codec…for music and games I have it on 5.1 with a swap to the center/subwoofer output so that I actually get the bass from my woofer using my 2.1 system. Still doesn’t make much sense…but it is working. I just have to turn off the center/subwoofer swap.

  29. iwak says:

    Can i get the .ass ? Already downloaded the raw since weeks ago and my current internet is slow as fuck. Thanks beforehand

  30. Laewyr says:

    Thank you for your relase !
    It was worth waiting for your hard work.
    I’m still a little disappointed not by your work but by the film itself : perhaps I’m too tired by the week’s and another watching will be better in the future.
    I’m still glad to have waiting to get your relase ;) .

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  32. Balmung says:

    Thanks a bunch! I’m excited but you know sleep and work stuff thats kind of important or something right? >+}. Anyways caught ya on the flip side dudes.

  33. A. Pendragon says:

    Yay, so glad you guys did this! Thanks so much!

  34. Bobby says:

    What’s nice is that the Ohys-raws version which has a 2nd audio track (commentary) also works with your script’s timing. For that matter, Doremi’s script also works, but I used WhyNot’s script because of the extra effort put into it. I doubt at this point the live fan event will even get any consideration, but a really basic sub script for that even in SRT format would be welcome, even if it’s just basic and not 100% exact.

  35. TheGoat says:

    Sorry for the stupid questions, but is there any reason you make the 720 release AAC and the 1080P release FLAC? Is the final file size that much greater between AAC and FLAC as opposed the the 720p and 1080p video streams? Also, this is an odd request, but would it be possible for you to make available the FLAC track so I can embed it into the 720 release? Thanks for the great release!


    • AsuraE says:

      AAC for 720p and FLAC for 1080p is pretty much the standard for releasing BDs. Size wise, FLAC will usually turn out 2-4 times larger than AAC, and the 1080p stream will be roughly 2x the size of the 720p.

      • TheGoat says:

        Right, the AAC track for this release is around 600M and I could live with an audio track file that is about 2x that size. I do understand that some are under data caps, and that extra 600M-1.2G looms large at the end of the month. I am just an audiophile i guess, which is why it would be nice to offer the FLAC version as a separate Download. That way I can tweak to my liking. I can’t remember what group did that before, but they offered GITS with the the FLAC track separate, and it was great to be able to merge it and have the best sound. Thanks for the reply!

        • Acid` says:

          If you have good internet you could always download the 1080p and remux it yourself. It should sync up right.

          • TheGoat says:

            If I downloaded the 1080p copy, I would just watch the 1080p copy that has FLAC by default and not even worry about the 720p version. I didn’t want to get the 1080p version because it was like 4+gb bigger. In my previous exp. in comparing 720 to 1080 releases, I can’t tell the difference between them (bad eye sight i guess), but my ears are as sharp as a bat and can tell.

  36. dork says:

    AAAAAAA i love you guys

  37. Josefris says:

    Finally, thanks men for one moment I guess never understand the movie XD, gross thanks.

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