Bodacious Space Pirates Movie

We are subbing this. I received my LE BD earlier today. ETA is soontm, so don’t ask.

Spoiler for Progress
Encoding – Done
TL – Done
Editing – Done
Timing – Done
Typesetting – Ongoing
QC – 0%
A few of us are going to be away for the holidays, so unfortunately this won’t be finished until after. I wanted to try to get it done for Christmas, but that proved impossible.
I’m back now, so we’ll hopefully try to get this finished asap.
Rest of the signs and two remaining songs were translated, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too much longer.
I will try to spend what little time I get off this week and finally complete this. Happy?

I’m not going to update this again, so just wait until it’s finished now. The ETA is still soon™.

We’ll wait for you
We'll wait for you

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299 Responses to Bodacious Space Pirates Movie

  1. nokou says:

    im looking forwards for the subs… :)

  2. Zildard says:

    Cant wait just want to see it, x265 wtf is that damn bs release

  3. some cunt says:

    jesus fuck you’re still not done?

  4. geasslord says:

    On a somewhat related note, I heard that you guys might be subbing Rakuen Tsuihou. Can someone confirms or deny this?

  5. alexeon says:

    I’m looking forward to space pirate action.

  6. Ew says:

    I wish they made some epic space war anime for once in a while, with spaceships and whatnot.

  7. iPhone iDiot says:

    Space wars with mechas are pretty common, Gundam, etc. If you’re looking for something like Star Wars I can’t remember anything except maybe Yamato.

    • PaleBlue says:

      Non-mecha space anime are rare, but a few I can think of off hand include the Crest/Banner of the Stars series, Legend of Galactic Heroes, and Tytania.

  8. afadfas says:

    Is this movie worth the wait?

    • JustCommenting says:

      Yes, but it’s “filler/anime only material” like last arc in TV series. It’s fun, but it’s not based on the books.

  9. jiameiX says:

    I waited for Duke Nukem Forever. This is nothing.

  10. Sir Robot Dowling says:

    Nevermind Duke Nukem, I’m STILL waiting for Otome Function.

    This is nothing.

  11. Inigo Montoya says:

    I hate waiting.

    • dread pirate roberts says:

      are you looking for a typesetter with six fingers?

      • Inigo Montoya says:

        I am. He commissioned my father to translate an episode of Bakemonogatari. My father spent weeks mulling over the double meanings and wordplay, and he created a masterpiece, a translation unlike any other. But the six-fingered typesetter was not satisfied, and he killed my father. Now I seek to avenge my father by killing the six-fingered typesetter myself.

        • ctrollaltdel says:

          I been waiting patiently, it’s all you can do.

          But after months, I had to post here after seeing something written about bakemonogatari series.

          So with that… Bakemonogatari is a masterpiece its self IMO, the deep thought and meanings behind each episode while also putting in new art styles and story telling is just amazing.

          Now… Did your father end up doing a entire series? As I love to look at other Translators who actually cover everything and make it complete rather than miss a few things here and there.

  12. A day will come when we open this site, and the Bodacious Space Pirates Movie is available for download/torrenting, but it is not this day.

  13. BeerWench says:

    The stars have aligned. Bodacious Pirates where?

  14. dShero says:

    Day 169: My body have grown tired and weary, but my soul will not falter. I must keep going…

    • Balmung says:

      Day 170:We thought we were going to run out of oxygen but we have found a huge story of tanks and a few flowers and some dirt. We’ll Probably make it!

      • Anon says:

        Day 171: A few of the passengers died of dysentery today, we did not even know what it was so we had to look it up and found this weird “pixel” game. Everyone is now addicted to this “pixel” game, that is why they died from dysentery.

        • dShero says:

          Day 172: My people are dying and food is scarce. The night is still dangerous as ever. But we found some game, which is nice. Dear god, how long will this torment last??

          • Balmung says:

            Day 172 And a half: We seem to have found some candy hidden in a locker along with some bottle caps. They seem rather old and some are bent….for bottle caps they seem rather used. Anyways conditions are not great but are solid! Which is come to show we still have a little light of hope that the end will come. One day somewhere maybe not quite over the rainbow. (we feel that may be asking for to much). Oh and Alas we lost poor yorick today. Cause of death unknown currently attempting to solve said mystery….all we found was his skull.

          • skittles says:

            Later that evening: We were attacked by a band of vicious rabbits during the night. Billy was taken immediately. He had just been boasting about getting home to see his wife and child. While retreating to a nearby cave we lost half our number, luckily though in the depths we found a disused atomic shelter. However, after closing the door we appear to be locked in. The howls of the rabbits aren’t letting us sleep.

          • Balmung says:

            Day 176: We lost the pen…..We found a new one….End Log

          • BeerWench says:

            Day 177: Our food and water supplies are holding up well. Except for one notable problem we’re doing rather well. Our captain has decided to stop wearing pants and has taken up ventriloquism. At first it was funny as hell but then other sailors started making fun of us at ports. Needless to say our doc has had his hands full treating broken noses, bruises and black eyes. But our real problem, aside from taking orders from the biggest ego to have ever been set free of his pants, is we are low on alcohol. We’re trying to make our own, it’s not going too well. For now we’re diluting what little we have to make it last longer. We’ve succeeded in making our sailors piss more but failed at getting them to drink less. We might have to go “liberate” some alcohol from any ship lucky enough to cross our path. A few crafty souls have tried commandeering the 100% pure grain alcohol our good doctor has. It didn’t end well for them. Lesson learned. Do not ever mess with a self taught doctor. Our sailors have taken this lesson to heart. Our doctor is woefully crying over his lost “supplies” this makes getting treatment from him for minor injuries more dangerous then shark wrestling in deep water at night with greasy sharks.

    • skittles says:

      Sad thing about HL3 is that it isn’t a matter of time. It is just noone at Valve actually wants to particularly make the game. So it has been endlessly stuck in conceptual stage. Gabe should just flat out come out and cancel the series, but he is too chicken to do so. He knows the disfavour he would get from fans. Instead he endlessly skirts the issue.

  15. Thirdful says:

    Come on now, I created a whole X-files episode (Should be used in the 6 that are coming soon as well). Does that not motivate you? Drive you? Make you want to kill homeless people and sell their organs on the black market to China?

    Wait no, skip the last one.

  16. Nuc says:

    The more the time passes, the more I am hyped for this thing. WHY?!

  17. I’m starting to be afraid that if we keep making witty and amusing comments to pass the time, our esteemed fansubbers will like the entertainment value of it all too much and not release the movie, so they can keep enjoying our delightful dance of despair.

    Or maybe it’s all a huge scientific experiment… and we’re the test subjects. “How long before they go mad, do you think, Doctor?” “Oh, they’ll break soon, I assure you. Then we can harvest their souls. It’s all falling into place.”

    • macslate says:

      True, but it says one way or another.
      I’m guessing that another is the case here ( whatever the hell that means).

      • nekomancer says:

        > another is the case here ( whatever the hell that means)

        A series of bizarre and inexplicable deaths are slowly eroding the crew?

  18. That_Guy says:

    Let the misdirection, complaints, and praises rain. Shall we have a pool to guess how many thread posts there will be before the release. there are 243 as of this reply. I’m putting money on 285 and 302 replies.

  19. John says:

    Now that Garo is done, will more time be devoted to this? Possibly. Hopefully.

  20. farrisen says:

    Tomorrow is going to be fun, being April 1st and all *cries uncontrollably in the corner*

  21. Bob says:

    “So I woke up this morning in the middle of my spring break. I saw that the Bodacious Space Pirates movie remains unsubbed. I thought, “Why not?” and started translating. After 14 hours, here you go. GOAT movie has everything, so we typesetted everything, too.”

    IF you can’t wait any longer…………..although I haven’t watched it so it could be an april fool’s……….

    • nx6 says:

      ““So I woke up this morning in the middle of my spring break. I saw that the Bodacious Space Pirates movie remains unsubbed. I thought, ‘Why not?’…”

      I see what they did there…

    • erejnion says:

      This is certainly an April’s Fools.

  22. Anon_rage says:

    Well, Doremi has a great subbed version out, so we dont have to wait for this release anymore (thank the fucking gods)

    • Quattro says:

      I saw the typesets they posted. Not remotely what I’d call great. Besides, it should be out today anyway.

      • Ew says:

        Is typeset really that important in the end? I mean as long as one doesnt go full pixellated yellow with black borders DVD subs.

      • Anon_rage says:

        yeah well at least they got shit done and didnt spend months doing nada/

        • Quattro says:

          I bought the movie and watched it the day it came out. ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

          • erejnion says:

            Me too, Quattro ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

            And I guess I will watch it now with Doremi subs and again with your subs whenever you actually release it. It’s great enough to warrant watching every few months.

          • Quattro says:

            Well, give me an hour or two and hopefully I’ll have it released.

          • BeerWench says:

            I watched the series with your subs and I’ll be damned if I jump ship after waiting this long. There’s a real difference between quality and an April fools take that you other group release.

          • Nome says:

            @BeerWench this won’t be a crunchy-edit like the series. Who knows what will entail?

          • BeerWench says:


            I’ll wager it’s still better then Doremi. Plus I really appreciate that Quattro really likes the series and wants to share it as such. I feel if fair to reciprocate and wait for his release.

            I like the feel of having a thing to look forward to as I watch my backlog. Speaking of, Nisekoi needs me ;-)

      • unknownaerie says:

        There’s also the matter that Doremi favor slap-dash translation & timing, and editing is non-existent. What passed for passable subs back in 2005 doesn’t pass now, but they still sub like it’s 2005, not 2015. Quite frankly, even if I didn’t like you guys’ subs, I’d still say people would be better off watching HK subs than Doremi’s. Then again, the group did start off by translating chinese subs, so perhaps they’re the same level of quality. Aka shit.

        • erejnion says:

          To be honest, Doremi’s biggest problem is the video quality, which usually is eyecancer. After all, they still think 10bit is the Satan. Wonky timing and non-existent editing and typesetting aren’t that much of a problem for the children’s shows they sub usually. And whatever translation errors they make are less from not knowing japanese and more from brain freezes, I think. In other words, they are incomparably better than groups like Doki, or, God save us, Hadena.
          Of course, even Crunchy at its worst is better than Doremi. Wait, I am not sure about this last statement. 90% of Crunchy is better, at least?

        • BeerWench says:

          Subs in 05′ weren’t as bad as you say. Try the mid 90s if you’re looking for weird quality. If you’re feeling that feel for full retard go check the crack induced shit that passed as official subs in the 80s

          • scdb says:

            The Perfect is the enemy of the Good. A good-enough sub that I can watch now is better than an ideal sub that never becomes available.

          • BeerWench says:

            Good is boring I prefer evil.

            Here’s a fun quote often used in my family: “Shit still stinks the same no matter how holy the asshole that made it.”

  23. jimjones says:

    Doremi released subs already… and it only took them 14 hours. Thanks for nothing WhyNot

  24. BSo says:

    So, when’s WhyNot going to officially change its name to WhyBother?

  25. Bob says:

    Well if you really do release within the next 2 or 3 days I’ll probably still watch yours instead, just thought I’d share the info for those raging impatient fools who can watch bad subs and not realise it ^_^ In fact I’ll probably watch yours whenever it comes out even if I have watched another groups in the meantime. Still haven’t even bothered downloading Doremi’s version as what I have seen of their stuff is watchable…..just about….when squinting or drunk….. ;)

    • Trin says:

      I’ve just watched Doremi’s version 1080p and its good just a bit a boring choice of fonts they picked and as it seems that whynot have now seemed to have removed the Bodacious Space Pirates Movie link from the homepage ,
      i’m glad I did pick watching as was getting bored with the BS about this being done after this amount of time

  26. BeerWench says:

    Why isn’t this a sticky anymore? The comments here were/are awesome aside from the ones that were not :P

  27. farrisen says:

    ” April 1, 2015 at 7:30 AM

    Well, give me an hour or two and hopefully I’ll have it released.”
    *waiting intensifies*

    Oh right it’s April 1st. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • BeerWench says:

      It’s in “Quattro” hours = x 4 x 3 (for Char) + X (where X is random mook time) = Damn why is this taking so long I’ma go grab a smoke.

      But what’s with this no longer a sticky?! IS THIS A SIGN!?

  28. Quattro says:

    Just to let you all know, I quite enjoyed those X-Files posts. They really did help~

  29. psychoo666 says:

    Thank you for the hard work!

  30. That_Guy says:


    And the reward is watching the Doremi release.

  31. That_Guy says:


    I can watch the Doremi release as my prize. Irony, it’s chalk full of facepalm.

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