Bodacious Space Pirates – BD batch

I’ve been waiting a very long time to use this gif.

Quattro will probably edit this post in a bit for credits ‘n shit.

Yes, I will. So, these have been fully QCed once again, and there are various fixes and changes in every episode over the TV batch.

EDIT: So, there was a problem with the mux of the 1080p episode 3, so here’s a v2patch to fix it. Just re-check the files for the new torrent and be on your way.

AsuraE (Encoder)
Afinon (Timer)
Quattro (Stuff)

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22 Responses to Bodacious Space Pirates – BD batch

  1. mtm says:

    “Finally, lesbians in space.”
    I’ve been waiting a very long time to use this phrase.

  2. Anon says:

    Are there karaoke subs? The OP is a bit hard to sing but the EDs are perfect.

  3. anon says:

    Thank you. Been waiting to rewatch this for a while now.

  4. heiki says:

    wondering, were both this release 10bit or 8bit?

  5. arcanes says:

    Thanks for the batch!

    Time for some piracy!!

  6. Nino says:

    I think there might be something wrong with episode 3 in the 1080p torrent. During the intro portion (the part before the OP), the video and audio cut out at around the 20 second mark. If you seek past it, it plays just fine, but it seems like some data might be missing from the 20 second mark up until the OP. I checked the CRC (matched) and tried different players and machines just in case, but they all have the same issue. Any chance of a fix, please? (or just in case, anyone else have this error) :)

    • Quattro says:

      Yeah, it’s a muxing error. Will be fixed soon.

      • 01010102 says:

        I don’t think it’s a simple “muxing” error. If that were the case, anyone could simply remux the file themselves and be done with it. Both the elementary video stream and the audio portion have their own problems, all of which start at the 20 sec mark.

        – If you just mux the video stream, the video will continue to play after the 20 sec mark, but you get garbled video until the 1:12 mark.
        – If you extract the flac audio and play it by itself, at the 20 sec mark the audio suddenly jumps to a later portion, so there seems to be something missing.

        Seems like your standard encoding bug to me, though I have no clue how these things even happen in the first place. Failing hardware?

        • Quattro says:

          It’s a muxing error. The encode is fine. You have a file with corruption introduced after the mux, but the original is fine. So no, it’s not an encoding bug. It’s a problem that was introduced after the mux, so it’s a “muxing error.”

          It happens occasionally.

          • 01010102 says:

            I’m just saying it’s strange that it happens at all.
            The only thing similar I can think of is when you’re burning a disc and your hard drive suddenly spikes for whatever reason and you end up with a bad disc because your buffer couldn’t handle it. Software shouldn’t corrupt things by itself, so it makes me suspect the hardware. It’s usually small things like this that are a precursor to disaster.

            I’ve had bad RAM silently corrupt almost an entire hard drive before, so it never hurts to be cautious. That incident has made me paranoid about long-term data integrity, but it’s really a good thing that it happened to me back then instead of now when I’m handling TBs of data.

          • Quattro says:

            It’s not. It happens to almost everyone at random.

          • 01010102 says:

            It’s the “random” part that rustles my jimmies. I track down errors like a madman because I don’t believe things can happen on stable hardware “just because”, especially not at the frequency in which it seemingly happens to “everyone”, with the sole exception of cosmic radiation flipping a few bits every now and then.

          • Quattro says:

            Well, it’s not quite random, I guess. I just don’t really know what causes it. And it doesn’t happen regularly or for any particular reason that I’ve noticed. It just happens to get corrupted during the final mux occasionally. No real way to prevent it that I’ve noticed either.

  7. elmaton04 says:

    Is it time to get rid of Coalgirls version? It sure is.

  8. DD7 says:

    Can you give me a specific since (time & ep) that have a change from TV to BD ? so I can make a comparison between your release and Coalgirls.

  9. Excalibur says:

    Need more seed for 720p BD.

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