Black Rock Shooter – 04

She’s still a bitch! ヽ(‘ ▽’ )ノ

Alt ddl

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20 Responses to Black Rock Shooter – 04

  1. Mugi says:

    Shut up, you smurf.

    What an insult, I may borrow that one.

  2. Dave says:

    Am I crazy or is this faster than usual? Either way, thanks for the release!

  3. macxxx007 says:

    Oh well… at least she’s not hogging the Kotoriasobi- er, Takanashi chick anymore…

    Thanks for the episode! THIS SERIES AIN’T BAD, AFTER ALL!

  4. Koda says:

    Why do you have to spoil it you little shit? Stop posting screenshots, please don’t say anything about the episode. Some people want surprises, I want to see by myself if she changed or not.

    Not trying to sound like an ass but one more time and I’m deleting you from my bookmarks.

  5. Traac says:

    Don’t want to get worked up over the Americanization, but the original insult was “fly” (ぎんばえ) right? I think that Smurf would have been a better insult if she was calling her actually short (ちび) or something, but in this case, Kagari was trying to make her sound worthless and insignificant.

  6. Ginchan says:

    Super thanks for DDLAnime link guys ^_^

    PS: Is it possible for you to reupload Gintama movie to DDLA ?

  7. Dark Legion says:

    Thanks a lot for fast release and also for DDLAnime Link.

  8. ljzon says:

    Sorry, to ask this, but when I downloaded the vid there was sound but no picture? I have tried all the other episodes too but the same problem occurs. Can someone help? thank you!

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