BD projects update

In case anyone cares (who am I kidding?), I figured I’d give a quick update on some things.

First and probably what I’ve had asked the most (or bitched at the most about), is Nura. I’m in the process of downloading the first BD box (4 volumes). That’s right, we’re doing the BDs and there will finally be a batch of the first season. I can’t give any kind of time frame for this though, but we’ll get them done.

Second is Soremachi. AsuraE has been away due to IRL stuff, so we’re working on finding someone to take charge of the soremachi BDs to get them done.

Third is P&S. There is one more volume (which was released already), but there is no BDMV of it available yet, so we can’t do anything until then.

Fourth is Madoka and Freezing. Go bug xavier, cause they’re his projects.

Lastly, we’ll be doing the Azazel BDs because I’m downloading the bdmv for volume 1 already. No turning back now.

Oh and please join us, we need QCs and typesetters, badly. Join the IRC channel and pester Quattro if you’d like to help out (I must be an M to tell people to bother me… Seriously…).

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