Azazel – Vol 3 & Batch; Soredemo – 9v2

The Soredemo v2 is only for the 1080p.

BD credits:
RandomEntropy1 (Timer)
Quattro (Encoder)
MrDrSr (QC)

Original credits:
Yuigg (TL)
NyanNyan (Timer)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer)
valerauko (TLC)
Collectr (Editor)
Brine (Editor)
Quattro (Encoder/Typesetter)
MrDrSr (QC)

12v2patch to fix a muxing error.

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14 Responses to Azazel – Vol 3 & Batch; Soredemo – 9v2

  1. blackice85 says:


  2. Anononono says:

    Wow, I thought you guys abandoned this. Thank you :) .

  3. Jessica says:

    Thanks for all the Azazel!! You guys wouldn’t happen to know when the next OVA episode comes out?

    • AsuraE says:

      Comes out May 23rd, but because it’s an OVA the DVDISO will probably take longer to come out. Best bet is sometime mid to late June.

  4. Corey says:

    I’m having troubles converting episode 10 to psp format and after trying to use mkvmerge to create a new mkv file I keep getting errors such as: “Error in the Matroska file structure at position 23005184. Resyncing to the next level 1 element” and “Packet number 213 contained an invalid FLAC header and is being skipped” I tried redownloading the episode and that doesn’t seem to be the problem.

    • Quattro says:

      Sorry, we don’t support stuff like that… Nor do I have any idea about converting it other hardware friendly formats.

      • Corey says:

        I don’t have problems with the other episodes so I cant understand why ep10 is causing me problems, I just though I’d bring it to your attention just in case there was an issue with the file itself as mkvmerge keeps telling me that the file has an invalid FLAC header. Any way I should hopefully figure it out, thank you for releasing the series.

  5. cengiz says:

    episode 10’s flac track has problems. These are the errors that are reported:

    Error in the Matroska file structure at position 23005184.
    Error in the Matroska file structure at position 38442006.
    Corrupted FLAC stream.

  6. Al says:

    er. no seeder. :(

  7. says:

    I see the problem for episode 10. At the beginning, about 20 seconds in of the intro song I think, the video freezes. You have to fast forward it a little ahead to get it to start again. When it is remuxed with mkvmerge, it will only mux it up to that point where it pauses. I only tryed it on KMPlayer though.

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