Azazel – 13

<~Yoki> batch tomorrow or sunday
<~Yoki> DERP, tomorrow or tuesday*

Staff credits:
Yuigg (TL)
NyanNyan (Timer)
RandomEntropy1 (Timer)
valerauko (TLC)
Collectr (Editor)
Brine (Editor)
Quattro (Encoder/Typesetter) – This series turned out WAY better than any of us imagined. We’re doing the BDs and both OVA.
MrDrSr (QC)

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5 Responses to Azazel – 13

  1. Sarasensei says:

    Thanks for all your hard work! Looking forward to the rest.

  2. azazel-san says:

    thanks for Azazel-san! i hope for 2nd season.

  3. FuktLogik says:

    Loved this series. Are you planning on doing the OVAs any time soon, or are you waiting on BDs or something?

  4. FuktLogik says:

    Nice. I look forward to the release.

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