Azazel 02

So, I was away all weekend and stuff didn’t get done. I’ll be whipping some staff to get Hen Zemi and the OADs out. Also, we haven’t forgotten about Quantum, the Freezing batch, Nura batch, Soredemo BDs, etc…

MrDrSr Edit
So, Yoki is pissed that all kinds of shit was screwed up for this release. Don’t blame me, I didn’t QC v1. >_>
v2 Patch

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10 Responses to Azazel 02

  1. Yuigg says:

    shaddup! it did not get done cos you where celebrating with the hookers when he broke the contract with you! :D

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  3. Yuigg says:

    watch the first episode of azazel

  4. Vale says:

    whip me, master!

  5. I’ve been trying to find the 2nd ova for this anime. Do you guys happen to know if that was ever released? Might of been released awhile back or not released at all so you guys might not know but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

    Thanks for the release!

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