Anyone play BLR?

If you do, add me in game or something (dokupe). Feel free to add VoiceOfReason and Rekyu too. If you want to play with us, PM me in game and I’ll share the info for the ts server. We play on the US servers, so if you added us on EU, we won’t notice.

EDIT: Oh yeah, it’s free to play. Forgot to mention that.

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41 Responses to Anyone play BLR?

  1. VoiceOfReason says:


  2. Random Person 1 says:

    I may just start. I’m gonna check it out.

  3. MosenStoven says:

    I don’t play just yet, but not gonna lie that vid got me interested

    • Quattro says:

      Cool. Give it a try. I’d recommend playing in the proving grounds for a bit to get the feel of the game without running into much more experienced players. Granted, if you’d like to play with us, add us in game and we’ll play.

  4. Arson says:

    Might give it a go, getting kind of tired of WT.

  5. Matt says:

    lol i love that game, free game, crazy graphics and everything that can be bought with real money can also be unlocked by just playing the game, im level 13 only though =D

  6. chad001 says:

    Love everything about the game except that I can;t access the graphics menu, and am forced to edit the INI. T.T

  7. chad001 says:

    Btw, please tell me neither of you use Burning Sensations. PLEASE. Hate those things more than I hate proxies.

  8. D-MAN says:

    Downloaded it yesterday, fast download for the 5gig+ main program, problem is the patch/update when you run the launcher, its also around 5gig+ the download is sooo slow! is there a way where I can get the patch somewhere else? like a direct download or torrent?

  9. Hoaviet says:

    Well am now LOL

    once i get good lets play :)

    • Quattro says:

      Nice. I’ll be on a lot this week, since my summer class starts next week. And just join up, doesn’t matter if you suck or are new.

  10. i_sniff_blue says:

    Started playing this a few days ago (isniffblue, US) thanks to this post. Managed to get all of my LAN party buddies addicted to it by Saturday.

    Also, it’s possible to just copy the C:\Program Files\Perfect World Entertainment and C:\Users\\AppData\Local\PunkBuster directories from one PC to another and have the game work just fine, as we discovered. Waiting on that 5GB self-extracting installer to extract 5GB of data and THEN patch 5GB of data on multiple PCs behind the same router AND THEN deal with PunkBuster+Firewall issues sucks balls.

    I’m tempted to just make a self-extracting executable containing those two directories that just asks for your Windows user name and the directory you want to save the game to.

    • Quattro says:

      Yeah. Couple people on the forums figured out you can just copy the patched files with no trouble. But that only applies if you know someone who has the files, so it’s not really an option for most people lol. I patched immediately (middle of the night), so it worked out great.

      Also, add me (dokupe), VoiceOfReason, and Rekyu in game~

      Glad I’m helping to get people interested though. It’s a great game, and it’s still just taking off. Steam release is coming up, new content monthly, etc. And it’s f2p.

  11. vanhoe says:

    Who’s waiting for PlanetSide 2?

  12. chad001 says:

    Steam version came out: was happy.

    Full servers, minimum 25 minute wait: not happy.

    Checked for Bread while I waited, still not out: depressed. Did the translator quit or something?

    • i_sniff_blue says:

      Yeah it’s crazy what a spot on Steam will do for a game’s popularity. I hope they get enough money to get more nodes in their server cluster.

  13. ElDiablo says:

    I did I am a lvl 28. XIIIElDiablo. I quit because every update they make it more difficult for free players. I think if they go on shows and say its a completely free game then it should stay that way.

    • Quattro says:

      It is. They need micro transactions to make money though, which is why there are chance packs and camo and stuff. Nothing you can buy with money gives you an advantage.

      • VoiceOfReason says:

        >nothing that can only be bought with money gives you an advantage
        you can get early access to attachments and equipment with enough zen, but if you play enough, you get access to the same stuff.

      • chad001 says:

        Does anything give an advantage to payers? Speaking of, do the Hero classes do anything?

        • VoiceOfReason says:

          consider the heroes as entire premade characters with equipment and weapons already customized.
          I might be wrong, but i think you can still unlock everything the heroes have by playing through the game.

          • chad001 says:

            Really? To think I’d be able to unlock a female face for my character… and breasts!

  14. Arian says:

    I just added you Dokupe! I’m Persian Schoolgirl. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to reply back, I was sleeping all day. :)

  15. Harimau says:

    BLR ftw.

  16. Onigure says:

    I’m lvl 20. I have 150ms latency, which sucks, and I personally suck too. But it’s fun anyways.

    ID: Onigure

  17. Vladimir says:

    lol I have to use 720p with LOW detail to play this game at 50-70fps.

    412ms PING :D

    And before you think my PC is crap, let me tell you I get 40-50fps in Max Payne 3 with 4x MSAA + 4x SGSSAA. 1080p. Dx11 (ofcourse)

    I played it till I was level 2 until I got annoyed by how people while shooting disappeared and appeared at a new place “teleporting”. First online game I played, tells me I’m not yet ready for the online era ;)
    horrible internet, has got 2mbps d/l but only 144kb/s upload

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