Another one bites the dust (No, not the Queen song even if it is amazing)

Another group bites the dust… I liked Kesenai and I archived their release for Arakawa Under the Bridge (although I liked Nutbladder’s release too but I just liked the styling of Kesenai more for my own archive).

Posted by Luffy on 09 Sep 10 – 2 Comments
Kesenai started with me wanting to continue Tokyo Majin2, and so Ketsurui had the idea to pick up an old group he was in… kesenai. He registered the staff and main channel and so he became the “Leader”, however I did everything else; brought the staff, took care of them and the projects… And so Kesenai has been around for 3 and half years. After many drama we been through, is time to say good bye. Its been a nice ride but lately it started to be annoying and ugly. Due the ftp crisis, I(Luffy) was the only one to care and so something, and Ketsurui(KSN subs Leader) didn’t give a thing. So I decided to leave fansubing in December after I finished Hakuouki Season2. However due Ketsurui madness he “fired” me, and so I decided to leave fansubing after finishing Hakuouki Season1. And so, many of the staff left the group as well, planing to do a new group(I don’t know yet the name, but I’ll let you know when I do). They promised to continue Hakuouki … Season 2, and some other project. So I’ll finish Hakuouki Season1 and then leave fansub for good. We will release ep150 of Reborn, and then drop it for good, every other project is dropped.
But lets not forget how kesenai was all this years. We had fun…
I have lots of regrets, but Kesenai is not dead yet. It may be as a Fansub, but as a Nongovernmental Organization is still active, in Europe. And we have many plans for the future. If you’ll follow the website you’ll find out.
Starting 15 September our legal department of the NGO has decided to press charges if anyone were to use the name “Kesenai” or “KSN” for/on any illegal/copyrighted material.
And now I’ll give you our last release… Reborn 150(Torrents ONLY)…

tl;dr Now I really want to do Arakawa S2…
Oh and, if any of the guys at Kesenai happen to read this and still want to do Arakawa S2, head on over to our irc or send me an email!

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2 Responses to Another one bites the dust (No, not the Queen song even if it is amazing)

  1. Luffy says:

    Well, I did the styling… Translation- Valena and Alcyone… Timing – Alcyone .. QC – Kuroiryuu … Typesetting – SupGoku…
    All this people left to make a new group… except me since I quited subbing.
    Kruption – edit(he is not involved with ksn much now)
    Ketsurui – shit encoding
    So why be sad, maybe the new group will pick arakawa.

    • EpicNaruto says:

      Huh, I didn’t really think many people came to the site haha (it was a shot in the dark asking about you guys). Thanks for letting me know though! It’s a shame the group died though cause I liked your releases… Thanks for all your hard work and good luck with your non fansubbing endeavors :).

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