Another – 03


Torrent | DDL1 | DDL2

Protip to avoid whining: Use either haali or madvr. EVR looks like shit for whatever reason.

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13 Responses to Another – 03

  1. macxxx007 says:

    Huh… I expected worse…

    Thanks for the episode! Much obliged!

    Have a good night and a pleasant tomorrow!

  2. h says:

    poyopoyo where

  3. snuffles says:

    The Refile DDL gives a weird unknown file format when downloading, is this normal?

    • AsuraE says:

      Works fine for me. How are you downloading it and what is it giving you?

      • snuffles says:

        i clicked the Download button with a globe picture, i get a file which is named [WhyNot] which is a multipart/binary 284mb file…

        • kojika says:

          I’ve come across this before when downloading, using Firefox, from certain sites.

          You’ll find that if you simply rename the file, not forgetting the extension .mkv, then it will play normally. The CRC checks out, so nothing has changed.

        • AsuraE says:

          What browser are you using and what is the exact extension that you get?

          • snuffles says:

            I’m using Firefox 9.0.2… There wasn’t any extension on it. Here’s a screenshot of it…


            Under the file properties, the file type is simply : File.
            Anyway I’ve got the episode from the torrent, just thought I’ll report the problem since you’re using new file hosts and all. Thanks for the release ^^

          • kojika says:

            This seems to occur because Firefox can baulk when it encounters file names containing the URL code %20. (Hence the file name is truncated at the first space after the group name).

            Converting the space to an underscore will resolve this issue.

  4. flipr says:

    Sweet Jesus refile is fast — got 7mB/s.

    Thanks for the release!

  5. Xoleum says:

    it’s not just the music…..DESU!

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