Another – 01

We’ll be doing this as well, and hopefully with a bit more speed. We had some trouble getting a cap for this so we had to wait for one to show up, but it’s covered for next week on.

This is a CR edit, and thanks to vale for the songs.

MrDrSr Edit:
>mfw not railgun

v2patch to fix the name order because apparently no one cared enough to report it

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12 Responses to Another – 01

  1. nINJAkECIL says:

    I’m not expecting you guys doing this show. I thought you’d be doing Inu x Boku SS.

    • Quattro says:

      Depends on staff interest. This is AsuraE’s replacement project for Squid Girl s2 basically. If we have enough staff interest in Inu x Boku SS, we may do that too. It really depends.

  2. 480 Nub says:

    Always has seemed to me that the difference between SD and HD is that SD has bolder outlines :D

  3. bad_ivtc says:

    bad ivtc

  4. arina1992 says:

    Are you guys doing SD version for this show?

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