Ani Kuri

I have decided to upload another release onto Nyaatorrents so here is my post about it. If you have not watched this yet, shame on you. Go download it and watch it now! It’s awesome, seriously. There is more information about the short on the torrent and you can just google it for even more info.


Enjoy :).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    So little love for Ani*Kuri… I learned about it a few days ago, and found it surprisingly hard to track down. The torrent you gracefully uploaded back then is now long dead, but I managed to find another version with subs and fonts muxed into one file, and uploaded that. Thought it’d be polite to let you know here.

    I’m off to permaseed now. 95 peers completed is your current record, I wonder if I can ever reach that…

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