An update on what the fuck happened


Basically, a lot happened, so nothing happened. Nothing is dropped and nothing has been forgotten (probably). We’ll be doing Kagewani and Garo this season.

Garo S1 BDs: Yes, eventually.
Garo Movie: Yes.
Utapri S3: Working on it again.
Utapri S4: Obviously confirmed.
Utapri OVA: Eventually.
Utapri BDs: Not any time soon, but yes.
Free OVA: Eventually.
Free S2 BDs: Yes. Encodes are finished.
Ping Pong BDs: Waiting on QC.
Thermae Romae Specials: Needs typesetting.
Captain Tylor: One day…
Chaos;Child: Already confirmed.
Steins;Gate 0: Already confirmed.
Steins;Gate Drama CDs: Apparently Steiner is doing Alpha on his own? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌ (I’ll bug MrDrSr about stuff.)

If forgot to mention anything, just yell at me in the comments about it.

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51 Responses to An update on what the fuck happened

  1. BlondElin says:

    OMG the hype for Garo! :D

  2. pizza says:

    garo hype

  3. duck says:

    Were you posting on /a/ about doing garo?
    Also yeah garo hype and what not

  4. Anon says:

    No rainbows?

  5. brc says:

    >Thermae Romae

  6. Lilisc says:

    And Utakoi?

  7. blade says:

    Don’t mean to rant, but I don’t see Utakoi on the list T_T

  8. Velvetine says:

    Any plans on doing the High Speed! (Free! prequel film adapting the LN) movie?

  9. Tomii says:


  10. DV030 says:

    As you’ll do the Garo S1 Blu-ray, can you sub the extra episode (Episode 25)?


  11. Statix says:

    Welcome back. :)

  12. Thanks so much for the much needed update! =) Glad to know that UtaPri is being worked on, and that you’ve confirmed for the S4…

    You’ve been wonderful to us, and I’m sure you guys all must have had things to do!

    Thanks again for the update! <3

  13. thanks for doing garo. really appreciated. from the first ep. it look very good. I have high hopes for this series. they made a good impression from the first season. :)

  14. MantasB says:

    Phi Brain S3 batch?

  15. ryan says:

    can you do a 1080p steins;gate bd?

  16. Pikminiman says:

    Looking forward to your Ping Pong BDs.

  17. anonymous says:

    I’m so glad to see Tylor isn’t completely forgotten.

  18. Cookie says:

    If it’s been asked sorry. Any news on Uta-Pri. Still waiting 4 u to finish. Any update would be greatful. Thanks

  19. duck says:

    Rip in pieces garo

  20. Are you guys still alive?

  21. rmps says:

    thermae romae plz

  22. prophetic says:

    Any news on Drama CD Beta?

  23. Will you rebatch Steins;Gate?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Meanwhile, two months later…

  25. Will UtaPri be progressing soon?

  26. Kiiroi says:

    Gintama Love Potion 2? :)

  27. ladi says:

    Anyone still alive here?

  28. anonymous says:


  29. shoyu92 says:

    has occultic;nine been dropped?

  30. pingpongwhen says:

    Ping Pong BDs when?

  31. anime tiddy says:

    Rest in peace lads
    Love ya, miss ya <3

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