I forgot to mention I will also be updating the weekly releases of other anime series and not just the new Summer shows. But! I will only add releases starting from this week and will not do a backlog of them because they are too long. If you want to download older episodes just search for them yourself or grab them from my fserve in #WhyNot? (you need voice and the bot is EN).

One Piece – Yibis
Episode 462
Episode 463

Naruto – Horriblesubs (No, I am not recommending this for the group to archive but simply to download, watch and delete)
Episode 174

Fairy Tail – Horriblesubs (Again, not for archiving but no other group releases quick or regularly enough at the moment)
Episode 43

Fairy Tail – Ryugan (For archiving but they are behind…)
Episode 39

More to be added when they are released… Enjoy!

EDIT: I might as well start linking Bleach here too *sigh*… I think Bleach has been complete and utter shit ever since the Soul Society Arc but w/e.

Bleach – Horriblesubs (Since I don’t recommend anyone bother archiving such a shit show)
Episode 275

Other recent goodies:
Yu Yu Hakusho – No group (Bluray source, 960p, dual audio, and it’s amazing – I have it :3)
Bluray Batch torrent

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind – Thora
1080p torrent

Durarara!! – Anco^2
Batch torrent

Haibane Renmei – Coalgirls
Batch torrent

Haibane Renmei – DmonHiro
Batch torrent

(You should pick for yourself which of those releases you want as there is a lot of hate for Coalgirls so I thought I’d offer an alternative)

Break Blade – gg
Episode 1

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