Accel World – 09

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7 Responses to Accel World – 09

  1. -Chris311- says:

    The typesetting at 7:22 is messed up for me.

    Also, soon after that at 7:42 no subs are showing for me for what Kuroyukihime says.

    Using latest stable CCCP build with MPC. Also checked with VLC and it does the same thing.

    • Fireboy says:

      Same thing happens to me, don’t really care about the typesetting tho, I’m more interested at what was said at 7:42 even though i’m sure it wasn’t important

    • Mirco22 says:

      The line is: “Oh, me?”

      The sign at 7:22 was overlooked by accident. I guess it’ll be fixed for the batch. Maybe earlier -(~.~)-

      • Unibomber says:

        He is talking about another line, which wasn’t translated at all and doesn’t appear on the subtitle script at all. Looks like it was just a missed translation that didn’t make it in

      • -Chris311- says:

        As Unibomer pointed out, I was talking about another line.

        Commie translated the missing line at 7:42 as “Well, it’s way cuter than calling yourself a king.”

        Even with these small mistakes, the WhatStory release is still my favorite for this show.

  2. random says:

    I’m guessing this episode was not QC’d. Some lines were not timed correctly, one line was untranslated, and the typesetting for a sign was missed.

    Hope you fix these mistakes sooner or later because it was annoying to see such blatant mistakes while watching this episode.

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