Accel World – 01

This is a joint with Monogatari. Will be faster this week. Apparently I borked the mux. v2patch incoming is up.

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3 Responses to Accel World – 01

  1. ZybRnetiC says:

    Don’t know how many others experience this problem, but at around 1:00-1:07 or so in the episode the video blacks out, audio still going (I see some artifacts/pixelated video right before it happens). Also when I look at how long the episode has been played, it jumps 10-20 seconds forward in time in 1-2 steps. Sometimes also my player (wmp) stops working and must be restarted. If, however, I launch the episode and jump past this point (to around 1:09 or so) this event doesn’t occur and I can watch the rest of the episode. I’ve checked, and this issue also occurs in media player classic. I have the newest K-Lite codecs installed.

  2. PookyFan says:

    Vdeo is broken, about 0:59 it goes weird and won’t play properly anymore. Skipping this would work but I don’t want to skip a single moment of this episode, I’ve waited for it too long.

  3. metoo says:

    I thought I’m the only one. Requesting for v2.

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