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Robotics;Notes – 03

We Glittering Crux now. Robotics;Notes – 03 (DDL)

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Robotics;Notes – 02

Image when I get off work… maybe. Also, we changed the opening. So now you can all stop bitching. Robotics;Notes – 02 (DDL)

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Robotics;Notes – 01

Vale’s the translator. ReadingSteiner teamed up to help edit and check. And we’re not doing Psycho-Pass. No editor. Also, Steins;Gate BDs are being QCed. Quattro edit: My bad. I typo’d this sign after the QC. Robotics;Notes – 01 (DDL)

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Fall Recruiting

We need more editors and QCs. We currently have 0 editors, so do apply asap. Editor – Editors must have a strong grasp of the English language. The test is a pretty extreme case of how things can go, so … Continue reading

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Utakoi – 06

Yup, we’re still working on this. Utakoi – 06 (DDL)

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So, I’ve never played any of the Elder Scrolls… (and next season plans)

Want to rectify that? Happen to have a copy of Skyrim (or not) and feeling generous? Car repairs and house fires sure do suck you dry at the worst times. Thank you kakalak for being a total bro

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