Occultic;Nine – 01


Anyway, the gang’s all back together to work on another SVN (not SciADV) series~

Spoiler for Staff
Editor/TLC: Steiner
Timer: Afinon
Typesetter: Quattro
Encoder: joletb
Songs: Steiner, Quattro
QC: Quattro

v2 script with some fixes. Patch when we release a final batch.

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12 Responses to Occultic;Nine – 01

  1. rosanjo9 says:

    Thanks :D

  2. UpURs says:

    Did you guys mentioned that you will do this before, or was it my imagination, and thought that you would do it since you did Steins;?

  3. khmercrops says:


  4. Trash says:

    I wish if you choose Ajin 2 instead of this because this is one the worst anime in this season and it has horriblesubs which is good enough !!

  5. EinsamerWanderer says:

    I was a little surprised to see this instead of some ~fabulous~ UtaPri, but honestly between this and Gintama I’m just happy to see you releasing again. Thank you!

  6. bobby b says:

    Hey thanks for the release :)! Are you guys still planning on doing the Ping Pong Blurays?

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